sefronia: between contemplation and action, in a double direction

 Sefronia was formed in Granada-Spain-in 1999,  from the work "restos" by the main composer of the band, A. L. Guillén, after meeting  fine singer Angelina Olea ,  and drummer and programmer Julián Manglano.
The first demo of the band, recorded in 1999, contains songs from that first work, and since  the beginning of the career of the trio, critics places  Sefronia as one of the most unusual and personal proposals of the spanish scene. During the year 2000 the band record in his homestudy their first complex and dark album ("Música Contra Osopetos", self-edited in the year 2001), likewise well received, where the warm voice of Angelina Olea shane over the sonorous magma created by Julián Manglano and  A.L. Guillén. After 4 years of silence the band reappears in the year 2006 with a new album, "Ars Teopática" created after 5 years living in Madrid. Julián Manglano leaves the project at that moment; It is  a more ambitious work from, since then, the duo. There emphasizes the collaboration of Piotr Wegner (violin), Dal Verme (electronics) and  Miguel Albarracín (electric guitar), and post-poetic lyrics, in a place between anarchism, dadaism and mistycism.. For the first time the band presents the album live during the year 2006, sometimes accompanied by drummer Javier Carmona (Akafree, Grimorio, London Improvisers Orchestra). Since then the group is settled down in Almeria, where A.L. Guillén forms with J.M. Cidrón the project of contemplative free- improvisation Alondra Satori. The double album "The Bombo Tour" ', edited in  2007, compiles some of the best moments in the "ars teopática" presentation tour.

Sefronia has just used two years, 2008 and 2009, recording his third album; a work that begins with  humbler that ambitious intentionss and  ends up by turning out to be the most intense and creative odyssey of the band..JuanjoSánchez, ex-member of the spanish cult act Entr'acte - plays an important role in the work of arrangements and recruiting of personnel, on the most inspired songs up to the date by A.L. Guillén to Sefronia. Angelina Olea sings her best vocal interpretation, equally. Up to 15 musicians  give his disinterested collaboration: again Javier Carmona, Jesús Alonso (Corcobado), Ana Querol, Janos Drapos, Honorio Medina (Root City), Maria del Campo, Juanma Cidrón, Javier Cabrera, Dal Verme, Pejo Alberdi (Malicia Cool, Polanski y el Ardor), Piotr Wegner, Pablo Mazuecos , J. Jimenez, J. Parra and J.A. García. With them, the universe of creative pop, craftsman and eccentric by Sefronia remains beautifully enriched.

During the recording of the album, finally called tacitly "tres", the duo embarks in a tour of celebration of his tenth anniversary, extended to quartet with  Juanjo Sánchez, and percussionist Juanjo Simón (Mastreta, Sendero Luminoso), who also collaborates in the recording of the album.

Finally, the record is mastered by one of the most admired musicians by the band: Bob Drake, engineer responsible for the mastering a lot of works admired by Sefronia (Henry Cow, Slapp Happy, among many others etc ..). Benjamín López and Txingurri Valverde makes the fine art for the album.

 For the first time, a record by Sefronia is edited by a record company, Hall of Fame Records (Caballero Reynaldo, Sr Mostaza, Malcom Scarpa...), and presents the album live on the Pléroma Tour; the band has just released a live album called "Pleroma", recorded during this 2010-2011 shows.

 images from botton to top: sefronia circa May, 2001 with Julián Manglano in Granada ( photo Aitor Palomo), sefronia circa July, 2006 with Javier Carmona, Organ Jazz, the bombo tour, sefronia with Juanjo Sánchez and Juanjo Simón, in sala Costello, Madrid, May, 2009 (photo:Rauluz), and sefronia on the road to Madrid, with Juanjo Simón and Nadia Martínez (2011/3).



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